Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Make Paper Page Roses


First you will need some old books. If you don't already have some you can find them at yard sales, library sales (discards),  used book stores or from friends and relatives that wish to part with some books. I found mine at the local Value Village store for 3.99 each. Each rose takes three pages so it will depend on what you wish to make on how many books you will need.

When you have your books start by removing the cover. This will make it easier to unbind the pages. If the pages are sewn together cut the thread and pull the pages apart. If you are making a large project keep in mind the type of pages in your book. You will want the thickness and colour of the pages to be similar.

In order to give my roses some durability, I use three layers of pages at a time. You may wish to adjust this as necessary.  I have encountered heavy pages were two are plenty.  Now that you have all your pages, you will need a round object that fits on your page.  I use a lid from a peanut butter jar. Whatever you have handy will be fine. Using a pencil trace the circle and cut it out.

Because I like to make a bunch of roses at a time, I do this for the whole book remembering to cut three pages at a time. This will give you a nice stack of circles. You can recycle the remainder of the pages or I like to punch shapes out of them to make paper garlands.

I have drawn with a marker to show you how to cut a spiral. Start anywhere on the edge and cut trying to keep the spacing even, continue until you have a small circle in the middle. This will be the base of the flower. Below is the spiral I have cut. I don't draw the spirals on, just cut away.

Taking the spiral by the centre circle, you will now glue all the layers together.  This is necessary to make sure that the flower doesn't come apart and that you have a nice firm base. I like to use tacky glue for the flowers. If you like, you could use hot glue instead. I like the tacky glue as I am prone to burning myself with the hot glue. So tacky is safer and it gives you a bit more time to shape your flower. I find this extra time comes in handy.

With the centres glued together, find the beginning or outer edge of the spiral.

From here you will roll the paper up tightly. If it gets away from you, just start again. Roll it all up until you get to the centre circle.

Now you have a tight roll. You will see there is a bit of a hole in the centre. Fill it with glue and put a generous amount on the base. You will need lots of glue to make sure your flower petals stick.

Using your work surface, turn the flower over. Push the flower into the glue on the base.

Hold firmly to the centre of the flower.  You don't want the centre to unravel.  Push down and twist clockwise so that the outer rolls loosen. (Please note that I am left handed so if you roll your flowers the opposite way, you will need to twist then in the other direction.) Twist until you think you have a pleasing flower. Remember don't take your hand off of the centre. If you do the middle of your flower will unravel and you will have to roll it again.

Continue to press down on the middle and make sure that all the petals are in the glue. After firmly pressing for 5 to 10 seconds, let go.  You now have a beautiful paper page rose. Let dry completely on wax paper. Once dry it can be used in many craft projects. Enjoy!


  1. Creatively beautiful. I have loads of old newspapers and will try this out. thanks for teaching.

    1. Your most welcome, Debby! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Remember to triple up the pages. I've never used newsprint but it is thinner than the book pages I use, so you may need more layers. Good luck and happy crafting!

  2. Very creative this would be a fantastic gift for the bride.

  3. I made these roses for my daughters upcoming wedding. The only thing I did differently is that as I was making the spiral, I scalloped the paper - more realistic looking roses.

  4. This looks beautiful. I'm going to do this then add a big red bow for a Christmas wreath and possibly spray a little metallic spray over the rise edges.

    1. I'm sure that will look beautiful! Please post a picture of it if you can. I would love to see it!

  5. I surely can do this now. Your instructions are very understandable. Thank you❤💚❤

    1. You are welcome! Thanks and good luck!
      My wreaths have lasted for years now and I still love them!